Our Story

Timberline Traders was founded in 2001 by Todd and Amy Fanning

Todd Fanning is an accomplished silversmith who serves as our primary buyer and quality inspector. He enjoys searching for talented Native American artists and bringing innovation into the industry. (Be sure to check out our new selection of Native American Apple Watch Bands).

Amy Fanning is an attorney and self-professed "computer geek" with a passion for entrepreneurship. Amy is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Law. She practiced family law before joining Todd as the Business Manager of Timberline Traders. She remains an active member of the Oklahoma Bar Association. Amy recognized that Native American artists could benefit from mainstream advancements in technology and marketing. Amy's goal is to use the power of the internet to bring an appreciation of Native American jewelry and culture to a new generation.  

Ryan Fanning, son of Todd and Amy, is a third generation Native American jewelry dealer. A natural salesman since birth, he has already begun to carve out his own entrepreneurial path. 

Our Mission

 Our mission is to simplify and demystify your personal discovery of American Southwest jewelry.

We offer you:

  • the latest innovations in Native American smartwatch tech
  • A seamless, state of the art, online experience with clear navigation
  • Attractive product photography and clear item descriptions
  • Convenient payment options and layaway program
  • Original videos and features, live experiences, and social integrations
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with easy, no hassle returns
  • A generous discount rewards program with free shipping 

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