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    Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Apple Watch Replacement Band in 925 Sterling Silver

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    We custom fit to your 38mm, 40mm, or  42mm Apple Watch Face!

    This Apple watch band was handmade by Navajo artists Richard and Mary Thomas. They have stamped the back of the band with their hallmark "T". Six oval cut natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise stones are set in this oxidized Sterling Silver piece.

    Mined in Globe, AZ, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is highly sought after due to its beautiful sky blue color. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise typically has very little to no veining in the stone. The stone is named after the mountain where it is mined which resembles a sleeping woman. The Sleeping Beauty mine closed permanently in 2012, which will likely cause the value of these pieces to rise over time.

    This piece is guaranteed 925 Sterling Silver, and is etched or stamped with an insignia indicating the 925 silver content if the piece is large enough to be stamped. In addition to working directly with reputable and established artists, we exceed the industry standard by also performing random alloy content testing. Our in-house silversmith routinely checks our inventory with random acid testing to confirm the 925 content of our jewelry.

    This piece was handmade by a member of the Navajo American Indian tribe. The Navajo Nation is a territory that covers 18 million acres and extends across 3 states of the southwestern United States. This land is home to 350,000 indigenous people, most of whom struggle to find resources and opportunity in this sparsely populated area of extreme desert terrain. Fortunately, the Navajo have a rich artistic culture that has been passed down to each generation. Navajo tribe artists began to develop their jewelry making techniques in the 1850's. Today, over half of all Navajo families have at least one family member producing handmade art for sale. We are proud to support these artists by developing collaborative projects that provide employment through the artistic expression of their culture.